Nordic Council of Ministers - Seminar: Taking the Temperature on the Arctic (11.09.2105)
Seminar in Copenhagen on 7 October 2015, with latest reports from researchers on the economy, society, living conditions and success stories in the new Arctic and response and debate with experts and policymakers. See invitation.

New Publication: The New Arctic  (11.09.2015)
The New Arctic, edited by Birgitta Evengård, Joan Nymand Larsen and Øyvind Paasche was recently published by Springer. See more information.

Nansen Professorship in Arctic Studies (12.05.2015)
The University of Akureyri seeks candidates interested in contributing a year to focus their research effort on issues in the Arctic. A successful candidate should currently hold an academic position (assistant, associate or full professor) and have a strong academic background in studies relevant to sustainable human development in the Arctic regions and/or climate change issues in the Arctic. The candidate should be experienced in working across disciplines with complex human-environmental-social issues and should have strong communicative and social/interpersonal skills. Research experience relating to the Arctic and a track of participation in international research networks will be necessary.

The application deadline is July 1, 2015. Formal period of employment starts on September 1, 2015; exact timing is subject to negotiations. Applicants can apply for a full academic year or one semester.

Further and more detailed information about the position is available here.

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